About Us

About Us

Cacao & Cocoa Story

My curiosity about cocoa started when I was around 7 years old. My name is Adesanya Ayeni

As a young boy, I used to go to the farm with my grandmother in my home town of Ila Orangun, Nigeria, Africa.

Seeing the cocoa plantation around my grandmother farm inspired me to find out more about this amazing crop. I would ask my grandmother a lot of questions about cocoa. I would ask questions like how long does it take for it to produce fruit?, what else can be done with the fruit apart from licking the fruit?

I was just fascinated by cocoa pod. My cocoa adventure was short lived because my uncle took me to live with him in another city to mentor me. Unfortunately, he mentored me about life not about cocoa. However, I am grateful for my uncle who raised me to become a secure adult.

I am a first generation immigrants in the UK with a lovely wife and two wonderful boys. Our children’s love for hot chocolate drink brought back my old memory of licking cocoa fruit in my home town.

My curiosity about cocoa came back to life.

I am now dedicate a lot of my time finding out health benefits of cocoa.

Cacao & Cocoa was born educating people about cocoa. I cover a wide range of topics which will include

  • Origin of cocoa and chocolate
  • Health benefits of cocoa
  • Cocoa producing countries
  • Chocolate manufacturing countries
  • Cocoa and chocolate recipe